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Mahakavi Devkota Memorial Secondary School

Education for Light - Since 1991
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Why Us?
MAHAKAVI DEVKOTA MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL, located at Mulpani–5, Kathmandu, is a reputed leading English medium school endeavouring to impart quality education to its pupils. It was established in 1991 and later it was renamed in memory of the great poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota. With a motto ‘Education for Light’, it has been run and managed since 2001 AD by a team of highly qualified professional teachers who have already gained experience of more than 20 years in this field. The… Read More »
'Education for Light' is our motto and preparing students to understand, contribute to and succeed in rapidly changing society, and thus make the world a just and more inhabitable place is our mission. We therefore, underline academic excellence without undermining the importance of life skills. It is in this light that MDMSS stands out as the first choice of every aware guardian for physical safety, academic excellence and spiritual development. Read More »
It an English Medium institutional school run by a team of highly dedicated teachers with extra-ordinary teaching and managerial experiences of nearly 3 decades. MDMSS stands out as the first choice of every aware guardian for physical safety, academic excellence and spiritual development. Physical Structure Peaceful, spacious, pleasant and child friendly environment Safe and Earthquake resistance buildings with enough open space in front Separate blocks for administration and classrooms Student Involvement Games and Sports Cultural Activities Tours and excursions Internal and external… Read More »
With aim of making better physical and mental health and create peace, unity, and harmony among the students, Mahakavi Devkota is regularly conducting various activities within and outside school premises. The various activities includes Yoga, principles of exercises, martial art techniques, and the very own of Nepalese folk dance, music classes and many more. Computer Education Keeping in mind that computer education will enhance technological knowledge in students, MDMSS is providing various practical computer classes via experience teachers. We also… Read More »

A school you can really trust for academic excellence.

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Ex-Students' Impressions

  • Bimala Phuyal
    (SLC Batch, 2060)
    Registered General Nurse, London, UK

    Instruction ends in the school room but education ends only with life.” This proverb has got its meaning in my life. I feel glad that I chose MDMSS as my school which might be one of the best decisions for me. My school has equipped me with the skills that are modeled, taught, expected and celebrated on everyday action. Not only that
    my school has been the strong foundation for the present stage of my life. All the extracurricular activities of my school life have fostered the inner skills and abilities of each student. The eclectic teaching methods and inspiring teachers always motivated me to achieve a high level of confidence in learning. Today I am a nurse but I feel that all my empathy and patience required for my profession had started from my school. Also my leadership management and professional skills started with my school days. I have got no words to thank my teachers, school management team, my seniors and my colleagues for being there with me.

  • Sangita Phuyal, (B.N.)
    First SLC Batch, 2058
    London, U.K.

    I am in London now. I finished my bachelor’s of nursing and am looking forward for master of nursing.
    But I can never forget my school, MDMSS that was the best school which gave me good knowledge and made me really capable to ride the steps of my progress.
    I am really thankful to my all the teachers and I always wish good luck to my school, all the students and my all the teachers.

  • Dr. Pushkar Pudasaini (MBBS)
    First SLC Batch, 2058
    Gothatar, Kathmandu

    I spent only 2 years at MDMSS but I must say that they were the most important years in my life.
    It changed my life and me as person a lot. It was a tough decision to get into MDMSS because we were the 1st batch and my parents were not convinced. But I had trust in my teachers and I
    think what I did was right for me. Today after coming a long way since then, I look back and feel proud of my decision.
    I have come across many teachers in my life, few very renowned in their field. But I have to say that I got the greatest lesson in my life at MDMSS. Everyone taught me what to study but at MDMSS I learnt how to study.
    I would like to thank all my teachers at MDMSS for what they have made me, whatever I am today MDMSS has a big part in it. I wish my school all the best.